There Oughtta Be A Law

Crime: “Gratuitous Standing Ovations”

Once the barometer of a hit show, audiences now tend to stand up for virtually every single performance-whether they enjoyed it or not. Like it is an obligation that comes with your ticket price along with the theatre restoration fee; perhaps producers have rigged an electric shock under the red under your red velvet seats to zap you into military attention.

Do not get me wrong, I am all for the grand tradition of honoring excellence by jumping to my feet in applause. That stated, when I am not compelled to stand, I feel as if the patrons around me (not to mention some of the actors in front of me) are staring at me, like I am some sort of cultural pariah-despite the fact that I may have loved the show.

Please: by all means stand for the performance that moves you and, for the love of Liza do not leave the theatre during curtain calls because you do not want to wait on line at the garage.  But if you stand for no other reason than T.P.P. (Theatrical Peer Pressure), I suggest the punishment fit the crime:

Fine:  one must watch the performance from the standing room only section and then sit down during the curtain call.

What do you think about the crime of the Gratuitus Standing Ovation? Share your thoughts below!

“You have the right to remain creative”… Michael Fletcher Tester