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  • The Line-Up: OSCAR EDITION!


    Les Quiz

    1. Six Degrees of Separation from the Barricade: name an actor and try to connect him or her to Les Miz in six steps or less

    (For example: The Olsen Twins: Were friends with Heath Ledger, who starred opposite Jake Gyllenhaal who dated Taylor Swift who dated Joe Jonas-brother of Nick who played Gavroche on Broadway in: Les Miz)

    2. Is it possible that Fantine died from attempting to belt a high E while dying of consumption? I’m just saying.

    3. At the End of the Film You’re Another Year Older

    4. Ann Hathaway's mother has also played Fantine.

    5. A post on the Les Miz imdb site points out the film’s following anachronism: “The calf seen wandering in the barricades scene is a white-faced Hereford poll. That breed did not exist before 1880, and did not reach France until the 20th Century.”

    Thus missing the larger goof: people do not sing while dying in France.


    6. What original Broadway cast member of Les Miz appeared in the film adaptation of Rent?

    (Answer: Broadway’s original Fantine, Randy Graff, played Mark’s mother in the film Rent)

    7. What is the name of the sequel to Les Miz?

    (Answer: Cosette by Laura Kalpakian, HarperCollins; July 1995)



    “You have the right to remain creative”… Michael Fletcher Tester

  • The Lineup

    There was a recent press release announcing the licensing of 30 minute version of ANNIE.  This inspired the Drama Police to offer tips on how to make your show shorter:

    • Direct Jean Valjean to pay for the bread
    • Your Twelve Angry Men agree on the first ballot
    • Change the Guys line to “The Biltmore Garage is in!”
    • Have the apothecary prescribe Hamlet some Prozac
    • Make Danny & Sandy gay (like in the movie)
    • Direct the Darling family to lock their windows at night
    • Cut all the curse words from your Mamet play

    Have any tips to make a show shorter? Leave a comment below.

    “You have the right to remain creative”… Michael Fletcher Tester

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