Random Acts of Flying

Confess!: at one time or another you have found yourself watching a live performance, when suddenly and without warning, you are struck by a fleeting case of T.D.D. (Theatrical Distraction Disorder). What is a theatre patron to do?  One wouldn’t dare reach for a Device; Everything is off, swallowed or on mute. Everything that is, except for that imaginary diva in your head who whispers: “what if that that character on stage suddenly flew?  Not metaphorically. But like, you know: up and winged across the stage? Maybe even over the audience. And for no discernible reason other than the magic of theatre and/or lyrics compelled them to do so."

Welcome to Random Acts of Flying (AKA: RAF). Here are two such moments of RAF I want to see in the postmodern, Taymor meets Dali theatre of my dreams:

1) Company: when Joanne commands everyone to toast on the final “Rise!” of “Ladies Who Lunch,” Elaine Stritch levitates from her bar stool, and rises over the audience sprinkling olives like pixie dust.

2) Doubt: at the end of the play Sister Aloysius takes off like the Flying Nun and … scene. 

What character would you like to see RAF, and at what point in their show? 

The author backstage in the national tour of Peter Pan, A place where dreams are born, and flying is in the contract.

RANDOM LINK: One of the most charmingly disturbing websites I have accidentally come across while searching for Peter Pan costumes: be warned! http://pixyland.org/peterpan/

“You have the right to remain creative”… Michael Fletcher Tester