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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BroadwayClubhouse.com?

Linked to Who’s Who in Broadwayworld, Musicalheaven, and Playbill.com's "celebrity" directory, BroadwayClubhouse.com is a resource site dedicated to fostering the theatrical work of its founder, and the artistic community at large.

What is the Clubhouse Motto?

Make Creative Choices.

How do I join?

To quote a Hindu Proverb: 'All of Creation is One Family'; If you are reading this, you are already a member. Welcome to the Club!

What's in it for playwrights and composers?

A comprehensive resource directory to assist you in getting your work from the page to the stage. A BROADWAYCLUBHOUSE Open House Showcase series in which artistic teams are given a platform to showcase their original work, plus a fee listing and link.

What's in it for actors, musicians, and techies?

Find out what new works and roles are out there, and who may be looking for actors and artisans adept at tackling an original.

What's in it for Theatres, Producers, Schools, etc.?

The opportunity to find fresh, original entertainment for your venue and, in many cases, deal directly with the work's creators.

What's in the wings?

Information about submitting your work to The Broadway Clubhouse Showcase, an eStore, Cabaret Room, Interviews, and continually expanding Resource Directory.

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