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  • Special Bulletin: Mini Minneli On the Loose!

    The Drama Police have issued an A.D.B. (All Divas Bulletin) in search of fictional American muse/fashion icon/acting mentor and recovering bedazzler-addict Mini Minneli, (aka MM, or M2)     According to an anonymous source, M2 was last seen fleeing L.A. by Big Wheel, a fugitive from theatrical justice.

  • Surprise Witness!

    DP: You’ve been sworn-in; please state your name: WITNESS: “Mini Minnelli” (Editor’s note: on perpetual vocal rest, Mini Minnelli  is  responding in impressive longhand) DP: Occupation? WITNESS: “Fictional American Diva” DP:  Please share with us something amazing you witnessed on, off, or backstage. WITNESS: “You mean other than myself?

  • Random Mugshot

    BIO: for more information check out Mini Minnelli’s Facebook fan page. Share your thoughts on Mini Minnelli below! “You have the right to remain creative”… Michael Fletcher Tester

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