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  • Random Mugshot

    BIO: for more information check out Mini Minnelli’s Facebook fan page. Share your thoughts on Mini Minnelli below! “You have the right to remain creative”… Michael Fletcher Tester

  • Cold Case Files

    MISSING: Is there any play, musical or other such theatre related stage project, script, company or artist you cannot locate?  Let us know and hopefully all you Junior Drama G Men and out there can post some leads! For example, does anyone know what became of the Keith Haring musical “Radiant Baby?” Share a tip, or post a question for our detectives below!

  • Safety Tip

    To protect your intellectual property: REGISTER OF COPYRIGHTS: U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 20559, 202-707-9100 copyinfo@loc.gov www.Copyright.gov VOLUNTEER LAWYERS FOR THE ARTS: 212-319-2787 Have safety tips of your own? Share yours below!

  • There Oughtta Be A Law

    Crime: “Gratuitous Standing Ovations” Once the barometer of a hit show, audiences now tend to stand up for virtually every single performance-whether they enjoyed it or not. Like it is an obligation that comes with your ticket price along with the theatre restoration fee; perhaps producers have rigged an electric shock under the red under your red velvet seats to zap you into military attention. Do not get me wrong, I am all for the grand tradition of honoring excellence by j...

  • Disorderly Conduct - Peter Pan

    A typical production of Peter Pan juggles such stage variables as child actors, production numbers, dancers in animal costumes, sword play, elaborate set changes, lasers, pyrotechnics, three types of smoke (dry ice, hazers and chemical fog) and, ideally flying (I qualified the later because some older road houses cannot support the ZFX or FOY rigging but I am getting ahead of myself). When all this stage craft works harmoniously the show delivers on its promise to be a place where dreams are bor...

  • Wanted: Actors!

    ACTORS! www.Backstage.com Now Casting casting@broadwayCluhouse.com www.Debsweb.com Do you have any casting links you love? Share them below!

  • The Lineup

    There was a recent press release announcing the licensing of 30 minute version of ANNIE.  This inspired the Drama Police to offer tips on how to make your show shorter: Direct Jean Valjean to pay for the bread Your Twelve Angry Men agree on the first ballot Change the Guys line to “The Biltmore Garage is in!” Have the apothecary prescribe Hamlet some Prozac Make Danny & Sandy gay (like in the movie) Direct the Darling family to lock their windows at night Cut all the curse words from yo...

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