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Like other actor hyphenates, I began my writing career as a proactive path to creating my own work. Show business in my blood (Dad a circus clown, Mom a magician's assistant!), I graduated from New York's America Academy of Dramatic Arts (on scholarship from the Rogers & Hammerstein Foundation) and, distilling the CATS formula to its essence, I wrote Amoebas On Parade: A Single Celled Musical!!

And then, it happened.

I was in London during the New Romantic Movement, when a fellow usher at the Palladium informed me of a fringe theatre looking for a show. And viola! Amoebas On Parade!! made it's London debut at The Elephant Theatre Pub, moved to The King's Head, crossed the Atlantic for a command performance for the Broadway cast of CATS, landed several productions, a cult following, and a review from The New York Times, hailing "The development potential of a major humorist." I joined The Dramatists Guild and went on to become a published and produced playwright and composer.

Now when other hyphenates ask me how to get produced or published, I tell them just transfer those wacky, touching, amazing things inside your head to the page, then ask someone to stage it. MAKE CREATIVE CHOICES. And may whatever road you take lead to your own personal Broadway.

Welcome to the club.

Michael "Fletcher" Tester

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